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Expert session: Let’s join forces against Bovine Respiratory Disease

Respiratory diseases remain a major challenge for the young calf and thus for livestock farming and societal interests such as One Health and animal welfare. We connect knowledge from the field with state of the art science. Royal GD is excellently equipped for laboratory research, has permission for animal model studies and is looking for partners to collaborate on expanding our options to control Bovine Respiratory Disease.

Recent research by Royal GD has provided interesting information we would like to share with you. Please join our free webinar on September 14th to find out more. For more information or to make an appointment for a conversation with one of our experts please contact

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Presentation by
Erik van Engelen, MSc, PhD
Erik specializes in immunology and bacteriology at Royal GD. He has experience as a bovine practitioner and lecturer. 

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Jasper het Lam, DVM
Jasper works at Royal GD focusing on dairy cattle management, disease prevention, and translating scientific knowledge into practical tools for farmers.

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  • Introduction in pneumonia of calves
  • Description of diverse factors that influence disease course
  • Diagnosis of pneumonia and pathogens
  • Further characterization of pathogens
  • Towards an animal model
  • Q&A with Erik and Jasper
 <1 hour